Here's what's coming up in Pack 264:


We had a great time at Discovery Zone in August. Click HERE to see scouts having fun!

Many of our Scouts went to Day Camp '97. Click HERE to see some of their adventures!

Our Final 96-97 Pack Meeting was very special. Take a look HERE !

The Family Campout in the Spring was great! Click HERE to visit the campsite (pictures)!

The 1997 Scout Show was a real adventure. Click HERE to take a photo tour!

Come visit the
Cake Bake Contest in April '97- click
HERE to see the cakes!

Swimming in April? Check out Cub Swim Night at the Movies! Click HERE

Click HERE to see Den 6's weather station!

Click to HERE to visit the March 20th , 1997 Pack Meeting, and New Years Day in Iran!

Cub Scouts Help Other People!

There were 32 members of Pack 264 on the job on April 5th, 1997, when we participated in the city-wide Glad Bag-a-Thon. We collected 13 bags of trash from our "adopted" park, Big Lake Park just south of Christie. We planted some flowers under our sign, so people enjoying the park know we're taking good care of it. Thanks to all who came to help!